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LumiGlow - The Miracle Cream

LumiGlow Cream produced from a special formulation which is recognized as the best self-hormone remedy.
The new star in biological medicine Dioscorea Villosa (Wild Yam). This special yam contains more than fifty hormone precursors. They usually grow independently in unpolluted barren lands without any insecticides and manure, thus automatically producing self-healing elements which can help stimulate human self-recovery and organ reactivation to make people feel younger, stronger, and energized

The special ingredients of Dioscorea Villosa activate hormones to
self-balance and stabilize and to produce a constant supply of what the
body needs, thereby achieving good health and holistic well being. The
active ingredient Diosgenin is known to have anti-inflammatory property.


The 30 Minute LumiGlow Challenge – 30 minutes result after applying LumiGlow on participant Left Hands

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