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BioCera Anti-Oxidant Alkaline Water

Six (6) Benefits of drinking Biocera AntiOxidant and Alkaline Water

  • It helps to Removes Acidic Metabolic substances.
  • Get Rid of FREE RADICAL in the body.
  • Contains active hydrogen ion as anti-oxidant source.
  • Contains clusters of small molecule for purpose of easy absorption of Nutrients.
  • Supplies mineral salt that enhance health such as Calcium, Cilium, Sodium and Magnesium
  • Neutralizes pH level in the body.

Watch This Short Video to understand More about Alkaline Water


An acidic body is a breeding ground for disease but no disease can exist in an alkaline.

Japanese medicine has proven this over the last 15 years, ANTIOXIDANT
ALKALINE WATER can restore proper alkaline pH in the body within weeks.
Raising the pH level of your body will assist your immune system to
fight off bacteria, viruses,fungi, and degenerative illnesses.

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BioCera Jug
BioCera Jug + Delivery $138.00 SGD
BioCera Filter 1 Box (3 Catridge) $145.00 SGD

Reference link >>>Biocera AntiOxidant and Alkaline Water

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